A downloadable Hearth for Windows

Hearth is a contemplative, single player experience about a group of strangers around a campfire in the wilderness. The idea that home can be anywhere if you're not alone.

Simply drag wood to the fire to keep it burning. The longer it burns, the more people will share. Experience the lives of those around the campfire through their stories

Hearth is a project designed and developed by Game Development students in collaboration with students studying Audio and Animation courses at SAE (Brisbane Campus, Australia).

This project was developed over a period of 5 weeks in response to a given brief revolving around the theme of Home.

Game Design

Matt Allen

Alex Hockley

Games Programming

Ryan Smith - https://athenrome.wordpress.com/

Audio Design

Ash Ball

Christopher Ware

Environmental and Character Artists/Animators

Ancel Haegler

Michael Harris - https://www.artstation.com/artist/dmo

Duncan Hayes

Kerry Ivers - https://www.artstation.com/artist/archimedys

Brennan Murray

Zac Nichols - http://zacnichols1.wixsite.com/zacnichols

Tyler Page

Jonathan Whitbread-Edwards - http://site-915958-5867-264.strikingly.com/

Install instructions

1. Download the Game

2. Extract the Game

3. Run the Executable


Hearth Build 15-08-2016.zip 21 MB

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